Ashley Ellen

Ashleigh Ellen, 20, began singing during high school. She initially explored genres of pop, contemporary and folk music. Since graduating high school in 2015, she began her Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) at the Elder Conservatorium. During her studies she has completed levels one and two of the Estill Voice Training course with Naomi Eyres and attended workshops with many notable musicians including Anita Wardell, Michelle Nicole, Lauren Henderson, Will Vinson and Matthew Sheens. She is also a member of the Adelaide Connection Jazz Choir. Ashleigh has been involved in the Mount Barker Carols in the Park since 2015 and is thrilled to be a part of Carols 2017!

Georgia Malchow

I am a first year university student with a passion for music, singing and performing. Through school I have been involved in many community events and performances. As early as year 6 I auditioned for the Festival of Music as a soloist two years in a row and as part of a choir three times and was awarded all parts, giving me the opportunity to sing in front of thousands of people. Also during this time, I was a member of the South Australian Public Primary Schools Choir for three years which involved an audition process and because of being a member, I performed at various events across Adelaide and was part of the recording of the CD for public schools across SA to prepare for the Festival of Music. I landed both choral and soloist parts on these CDs. Throughout high school I continued with music as a subject every year and joined the Senior Vocal Ensemble, Cantando Quartet and Stage Two class band. These groups expanded my knowledge of different genres of music and provided me with further performing experience at places such as the Team Kids Webathon, Generations in Jazz Festival Mt Gambier, Carols in the Park Mt Barker, Festival of Music and local events both at the school and in the community. I was a soloist for the Carols in the Park Mt Barker in 2016 and performed at the Callington Carols in the same year. These events have built my confidence singing in front of a large audience and have given me a lot of joy to perform at. Whilst studying at university I have kept up with my vocal lessons with Lisa Duffield and soon hope to start performing at local venues.

Bella Jenke

My name is Isabella Jenke. I am 14 years old and in year 8 at st Francis de Sales College. I have had singing lessons for one and a half years. For last year and the first term of this year I was taught by Karina Button. As for this term, I have been learning with Lisa Duffield. I am also in two choirs at school, the senior vocal choir and the Generations in Jazz choir, which won 4th place in division 4 this year at Mount Gambier. I really like singing some pop music but my favorite artists would have to be Adele and Passenger. I also play piano, and have done so since year 1.

Patrick McLoughlin

Patrick McLoughlin is 18 years old and has been a singer for most of his life. He was involved with music and drama at primary school and developed those interests through high school at St Francis de Sales College. He has performed at numerous weddings and hopes to further develop his vocal skills in the future. Patrick is excited to be part of the 2017 Balhannah Carols.